Saturday, 18 May 2013


I never had 'enough time' to update anything on this blog in the past years. Due to my A-Levels exams, and entering university two years ago. 

Now, I actually feel more motivated, and actually know how to balance everything out.

My life has changed a lot over the years, 
and I'd like to introduce you all to my current blog: <--- click to go and see my new blog

I'm actually really excited about starting a blog all over again. 
So far, my blog have been activated for only 4 days, and it would mean so much to me if you lovely people could have some time to spare to check it out! It's focusing on fashion and my lifestyle, and a lot of different other things! 

If you do check out my new blog, 
please let me know by mentioning that you've read this post. 
I really looking forward to hear about what my followers/readers have been up to these last years!

Much love, <3


Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 started off with Superdry!

Happy new year everyone!
I hope you lovely people had an awesome start of this year! - I know I did! ;)

Sooo, let's not waste time and get into this superrrdrrryyy haul then ay!

The other day (think it was the 2nd), I did some shopping because I thought I had to give myself another big treat to get my new year started! So yes, as I got up in the morning (slightly dead from two nights of partying), I decided today will be a 'Superdry' day!

As you may or may not know, Superdry is quite pricey. And I dont think they ever had any sale on either! It's hard not to go in there and not come out with something, because let's be honest, everythings so nice and anyone could afford at least something from there! It's not like the most expensive brand ever.. it just depends on how 'much' you're willing to spend!

For me though, I went abit crazy since I was planning to be spoilt in that shop, on that day.
I didn't spend so long in there, only 30-45 minutes? Since I knew what I wanted and just got straight in there and looked for them. I don't really try clothes on when I go shopping, I feel like it waste my time if I know I can fit into it and if I really like it, then I just get it. But if there were so much to choose from, I might try a few on to see which item would suit me best. Then later look at the price, and reconsider whether or not I really want it.

I don't stick with 'one' style. Personally, I find that quite boring. I dress how I feel, and what I look best in because its important to feel confident no matter where you go. I don't follow the crowd from head-to-toe, or having to put myself into some sort of 'Vintage' or 'Hobo' person etc. I like to have all kind of styles mixed together in my wardrobe, but not all piled on myself at the same time, I would look like a total mess! I buy stuffs that I love, thats why it's important to love your wardrobe! :)

So below are my new Superdry items - They'll match with anything, trust me!

                                                                    - Grey Tee with bright Pink logo £22.99 

                                           - Bright pink Tee with Navy logo £24.99

   white Tee with red stripes Navy logo (cant remember price) Model: my sister.

           - dark navy Tee with white and red on logo and grey-ish stripes £24.99

            - Dark green hoodie jacket with purple logo and white outline £54.99

  - greeny/navy hoodie jacket with logo in dark navy (I think this was around £45)

Thankyou for checking out my blog.
Have a wonderful day. Will see you in the next post! :)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Topshop sale.

Wow, I've never thought I'd be sat here writing a blog.
This whole blogging thing is quite complicated than I thought, I don't even know my way round or how I could search for people I might want to follow. It's not like someone will be reading this either because I have no idea how I will get discovered. I probably be 'a blog with no followers', and end up writing this blog to myself?
Okay, enough with all the blahblah-ing.
- Let's get into the main part of today's post!

I went shopping today (as usual), because I loveee it too much! I can't get enough of it, and I know it's not always a good thing when you end up spending more than your budget. I don't even stick to my budget anymore, as I tend to go with the flow ;)

At this time of the year, if you live in the UK, you probably know its the 'Sale' season. It's the craziest time of the year! You have to be quite fast with getting up and getting there EARLY. That's because it's something like a first come first serve, and once somethings gone.. its gone! That's it, theres nothing much you can do really! You just have to fight for what you want ;)

So yes, this morning before I left the house I said to myself i'll head to Topshop first and grab everything I want! Yesterday (which was monday) some of my friends said to me via sms, that they got loads of bargains from Topshop and I should be there, and at that moment all I could thought of was 'whatever, i'll go tomorrow, no rush'' but why the hell did I NOT go yesterday? It would be so much better, even though it would be so packed but there would be more chance of me finding more things than I did today.

I did get some nice items though. It was quite difficult to find things in the sale as i'm a size 8, and that size seems to be quite popular in Topshop. They never seem to have enough 8's in the sale, or maybe because it's my fault for not 'being in a rush' to go on monday. I was in there for an hour, trying my best to find the quality 'bargains'. At first I had over 10 items in my hands, but at the end I came out with 3, and im quite happy with what I came out with today :)

                                           - Cardigan - £40 down to £20.

                                           - over-sized Tee - £20 down to £10.

                                        - Black and white stripes vest - £12 down to £7.

Thank you for checking out my blog,
- i'll be updating again soon! :)